It’s not a big or new discovery, I’m not Einstein here, and I know there are probably hundreds of articles discussing  across lingerie blogs, but I wanted to add few personal feelings as well. Lamb or lace? Silk or satin?


Even if nobody sees it, or just one person does, well, it’s not about know it’s there, and knowing that, feeling it, can change your life a little. “I love having great bras and great underwear; it’s part of my daily beauty routine. A feel towards feminism.

“It’s like how some people put on red lipstick—for me, it’s lingerie. It makes me feel whole,and does complete me. I’ve always been crazy towards em’. I think even if you’re wearing a t-shirt, it’s always nice to wear a pretty bra.”I would wear a lacy, sexy set on any weekday, because it makes me feel different: playful, cheeky, feminine, and confident. Like women from the ’50s, or like Joan from Mad Men.


Investing in them like you invest in other categories of your clothing implies a total addict to lingerie. All aside it describes you. sports? Sassy?  gym? Behind all of the packages “Victoria’s Secret” , “Calvin Klein” for which i choose among all .

I am obsessive like that, but I don’t think I’m crazy. For me, lingerie is the foundation of my day: the first thing I put on, the last thing I take off. Beautiful lingerie will put you back in touch with your own feminine charm. So go rush and shoot em’ all .


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