Boring Sundays! Searching all the way to old school styles. Some trends stay with you for long and here “OLD SCHOOL STYLE” comes along the circumference of all the trends.

Zulu Zion


A spark of creativity and you are all up to move with this old school glitter. These have a small touch of formals . Urgh ? nay nay you will be high up to catch these old schools. Grey,black.red is all you need.

Uninspired uniform of jeans and jumpers is on a solid rotation every day.I am looking for a pinafore dress somewhat with stripes which is alive and well.Go nuts. Dungarees,pleated skirts,ankle lengths,collars,lace collars,checked shorts these being the wanted in your closet(the vintage ones). Go collect all your school uniforms and create usual with those basics above.


Layering possibilities, procuring one in leather , also good to see another favorite from jumper-around-waist.


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