The Sabya Era

He told India today: “Initially people thought my block printed designs looked like bed covers and they were perhaps right. It was only over a period of time that my aesthetics were honed.”-Sabyasachi Mukherjee.


His work for modern take filled into distinct traditional clothing gives rise to all new trends produced by himself to fashion industry.Using indigenous block prints,weaving,incorporated with modern silhouettes, he created a sequin thrown in the Indian as well as international fashion market.

Starting from gypsies,patches,sequin,block prints,texturing and detailing have had described as a international designs with Indian soul.And we see the present as passing his signature look forward.his every piece of design reflects one’s intellect.

Velvet,sequins,crepe,Strips with palette of red,gold and black suspends the wardrobe. Perhaps the most influencing thing is, he matches it with  naths ,matha pattis,neck chic chandlier earings.

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