Take Utilitarianism , for an instance. Wooh ! All way long comes the newest walk-through in fashion this year . Although lets not overlook 2016  porque            slouchy, one-shoulder pieces and a sparkle of skimpy bra tops, and athleisure’s influence still reigned at brands with sportswear in their DNA, such as DKNY, Lacoste, and Alexander Wang with Adidas why not?


So without further ado, read on to find out and shop which 2017 trends are in haul and well which aren’t. Revolving through the circumference, super stripes , floral white , street shirts , bra’s peek out, khaki are still kicking as well as ubiquitous.  Ground-breaking. But in all seriousness, the season’s florals felt fresh in their unabashed femininity tiered skirts, ruffled jumpsuits, and voluminous sleeves. Take the crop-top trend to its logical conclusion and skip the “top” part all together. Lingerie-like pieces were paired with evening skirts, cropped jeans, slinky suits ; sort of referred by Victoria’s Secret



Balenciaga, Stella McCartney codes speaks oversized boxy street shirts with XXXL bags around the arms just to roam the entire NYC streets. Marc Jacobs  taking all over 80’s way serious just to talk for you , perfect for introverts. Maximalism plus a DGAF attitude is shaping up to be the quickest ticket to the cool kids’—glam rock and rave culture at Marc Jacobs.   


Stella  mcCourtney and Balenciaga .



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