I am always encouraging my friends and colleagues to go drool-worthy everywhere they work to!

Three days ago it was 3 degrees and now its 10, you really have to work harder to look corporate as well as WHOAAA.

Whether its an Investment banker or women in retail, I mean whether your office is casual and creative or buttoned up and sophisticated; work doesn’t feel like work when you all are fresh active and SEXYYY which make your work a smart business.

We have got some inspiring work-appropriate looks from chic Cara to fetish Gigi.


Cara looks HAWT w red lips and a perfect collar-ed dress and her hair is flowing in the air, Cool she did not help the hair tie up which look just to the point.  And lets roll up with a bit of V-neck Gosh Sexy!

Cindy lookin fab w all black and a cool Jacket and obviously spark of sass with sunglasses down. I am gonna give it a thumbs up. though I actually wore that once at work so yeah ! And over all @Cindymello is love.

Kendall and Gigi gettin similar with a long pull over and cool shades with plain white tee and khadi pants. GREAT TBH. And there hair? Answer would be THUMBS UP for 9 to 5.

Hailey with boots and YSL! She carries them as a BOSS. She can make the work hours  happy hours.

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